Happy Halloween!  Stay tuned for pictures of Buzz Lightyear and The Triceratops!  I came across this article and thought it was a great idea!  I am sure that there are several other dentist in different areas doing the same thing, or of course you can always just ship some extra candy to soldiers in Iraq yourself! 


The week of Nov. 3, the three dentists have offered to pay $1 for every pound of candy brought to their office, 5505 Edmondson Pike, with a maximum of 10 pounds.

The candy will be collected and sent to U.S. soldiers in Iraq that the office adopted a few years ago through a program with the City of Brentwood.

“They get care packages from us, e-mails, letters,” said dental assistant Rose Van Gurp. “Every couple of months we send something, especially on holidays.”

The dentists will match the dollars they give to kids and donate them to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

“I have a friend, Tiffany Atkinson, who works at Vanderbilt children’s hospital on the oncology ward, and she had told me about some of the work they do there,” said Dr. Doug Holliday Jr.

“We thought it would be an excellent charity to support.”

If the candy doesn’t tip the scale at a pound, a child will at least receive a Red Robin kids meal coupon. Each parent who drives a child to the office for a donation will receive a $50 gift certificate toward the cost of a teeth-whitening procedure.

The soldiers the office adopted are John Fortin and Jeremy Igo.

“One of my friend’s son has been stationed in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Jack Fletcher, adding they might send a package there as well.

“We all appreciate the sacrifice they’re making for us and our freedom,” said Fletcher.

Otterpohl said he thought this would give the children something to think about and a way to give back.

Also, added Fletcher, toothbrushes will be included in the care packages in case soldiers want to give out candy and toothbrushes to children in Iraq.