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I love my “snuggle buggle time” with the boys in the mornings.  Carter has an alarm clock in his room and he knows he is not allowed to come out before it says 6:00.  So, most mornings at 6:00 on the dot, Carter bursts into our room happily shouts “It’s 6 o’clock!”  I am often curious how long he sits and watches the clock before it turns to 6. 

Anyway, this morning after his loud entrance, he climbed up in the bed and I gave him a hug and a kiss and we snuggled.  I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up; he quickly replied “a teacher and a dad”.  I was intrigued by his answer, he said “I want to teach like Mrs. Denise (his pre-school teacher) but I don’t want to teach little kids, I want to teach big kids”  He went on to say “I want to get married and have 1 girl and 7 boys”  Um, wow, better find a wife that wants 8 kids, lol.  He went on…”I think I am going to have my kids and I will buy them one cat and three dogs, we will name the cat Ben 10, one dog Ben 10, and one kid Ben 10.”  Ben 10 is a cartoon character that Carter likes to watch on television.  I loved our time this morning because Carter was so talkative and so confident about what he wanted with his life.  Of course I am sure this will change a million times over the next several years.  However, it is always fun to listen to and document these sweet conversations.  I love my boys, and I really love this snow day with my family.


Considering I work for an afterschool program, I am a slightly passionate about what I do.  It is very important that funding not be cut for after-school programs.  I have seen how vital these programs are for parents who have to work, for parents who cannot help their children with their homework, and for kids to develop social skills.  Please take a minute to go sign this petition.  After you have signed the petition, you can type a letter that will be e-mailed directly to your congressman/woman.