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We have had the best week, and I so grateful for much-needed time with my awesome boys! 

We started Saturday by spending the day at the soccer field watching the Schell kids rock in their soccer games.  Then we went for a milkshake treat and to feed the ducks in Hendersonville.  As mentioned on facebook, Maddox fell in the water head first!  Praise the Lord Josh caught his foot so he didn’t fall completely in because one of us (um, Josh) would have had to go in after him lol. 

 Sunday we went to the zoo.  I was bummed the new train ride wasn’t working, although they began advertising it weeks ago!  However, the kids still had a blast and feeding the birds was great fun!  Kyson had his first carousel ride, he was not amused 🙂

Monday, we took the Schell kids bowling and to Taco Bell.  For 6 kids 8 and under, they all did awesome!  Baker won the bowling game! 

Tuesday we met Aunt Ramona and family at the Civic Center for some swimming.  Well, I actually went grocery shopping with Kyson and Josh took Maddox and Carter.  The kids LOVE going there and had an awesome time!

Wednesday began with drs appnts for Maddox and Kyson.  3 yr check up for Maddox went great. He is just over 90% for his height and just over 50% for his weight.  Dr. Hudson said although he is not proportionate, he isn’t concerned about him.  Kyson is just over 95% for his height and just over 85% for his weight.  During hs check up he discovered Kyson had a terrible ear infection 😦  Glad we went because I had no idea!  After check ups, I took the kids to the Landskron’s house so I could get some things done for an evaluation at work next week.  Miss Morgan and Miss Adreanna are the boys babysitters and they also have 3 younger brothers so the boys were in heaven there.  Of course they didn’t want to go home 🙂  Then, I took the boys to ride the Music City Star to Nashville.  It was fun.  Very entertaining for $5!  Of course it was only cheap because the boys were free and Josh picked us up in Nashville so we only rode one way.  Maddox’s face was soo sweet!  He was so excited.  Wednesday was a busy day!

Thursday we picked Grandmother up at the airport and brought her home.  She forgot her house key in CO so the boys got to watch the locksmith open the door, which they thought was cool.  Then we went to lunch at O’Charleys and took mom to get her rental car.  We went to the outlet stores in Lebanon to look for outfits for the boys to wear to Aunt Anna’s wedding on May 1st.  I think we found something that is going to work!  The big boys spent the night with Grandmother, although Maddox fell asleep on the way home and slept all night 🙂 

Friday we mostly just played outside.  It was a gorgeous 80 degree day!  The boys played on the swingset with just their shorts on, and I became increasingly frustrated with the neighbors rose-bush that scrapes the kids legs when they swing. We could move the swingset, but it is bolted down and has a sand box, not fun!  Also, according to the person we purchased our home from, it’s all our property AND we asked if it was ok before we put the swing set there!  Oh well, we like our neighbors and we will work it out somehow.  I am still confused about why they planted a random rose-bush in the middle of the yard anyway, it’s an odd location!

So, a wonderful week for us!  Pictures to come!


I am not a big fan of resolutions, they always seem to be forgotten about and usually not accomplished.  However, I do have a few goals I would like to post, mostly so that I can remember them and have a little accountability.  I also intent to do monthly progress updates.

Financial–We need to pay off medical bills and a debt for Josh’s motor (whatever went out on his truck before the transmission)!  So, these debt totals are a little over $3,000.00.  That is going to mean paying about $260.00 a month on these debts to have them paid off by the end of the year.  This is going to be a huge struggle for us with our tight budget.  I am excited to see how God is going to allow us to accomplish this through him, since financially, we cannot do this alone! 

UPDATE: From a medical/truck debt of $3,100.00 on the 1/1/11, a goal debt of $2,840.00 to an actual debt of $2,500.00!!!  Yay for month one, thank you Lord for you faithfulness to provide. 

Feb. UPDATE:  New debt amount is $2,400.00.  Not a good month 😦  Although, we are still lower than our goal debt of paying $260 a month thanks to January.  Praise the Lord, Josh is actually getting overtime, so I am hoping March is a good month!!

House-We are possibly going to need to purchase a dryer this year.  I am praying ours holds out, but it is not looking good.  Possibly we can repair it, but who knows!  I would also somehow like to get a new deck or at least have ours repaired so that we don’t have nails everywhere, rails falling out, and the thing is barely attached to the house at this point.  It’s a bit scary.  We have always dreamed to have a bigger deck with stairs that go to the back yard for the kids, but it has never been a financial priority.  Now, it is a bit of a hazard.  However, this too is a God goal, because it’s not in our budget!

Update:  Well, the back deck is still about to fall off, the dryer still works terribly, and now our dishwasher is not looking good either.  Oh well, we will make do with what we have for now!

Feb. Update–nothing new

Reading-I intend to read 24 books this year.  I have never been much of a reader.  Actually, I have never really enjoyed it that much.  I guess school does that to you?  So 2 books a month, here we go!  Oh, and I am also GOING to read through the Bible!  The Chronological Bible, I am keeping up so far and thrilled about actually accomplishing this goal I have started too many times and not finished!  Oh yeah–I plan to get the 24 books I am reading for FREE!!!

Reading Goal Update:  I have read “Lady in Waiting”, “Sun Stand Still”, “The Dragon and the Turtle” (yes I am counting new children’s books too!), and the first 31 days of my chronological Bible (which I LOVE!)  So, 3 books down, at least 21 more to go in 2011, I cannot wait for my next book to arrive!!

Feb. Update-Still reading Secure Daughters, Confident Sons!  Up to date on my Chronological Bible, and Bible Study Book, Boundaries with Kids. 

One more goal.  It’s interesting because we need to get out debt to accomplish our dreams in life to glorify God’s kingdom and live the life we know God has in store for us.  That being said, Josh and I both are planning to go on a mission trip this year!  We, again, cannot accomplish this alone!  Obviously, we don’t have the funds to do this.  So, let’s see where we are led in this part of our lives! 

Praying hard for this goal to become a reality!!!

Feb. Update-PRAYING!

Of Course what are goals without a little eat healthier and exercise!  I am not making any specific goals in this area, just to be healthier.

I am sooooo excited to see what God has in store for our family in 2011.  I honestly cannot believe I am even putting these goals in writing, much less posting them for anyone to see!  I just read “Sun Stand Still” and it was a book that makes you remember how big God is, how faithful he is, and how we have to pray and believe and follow simple ordinary steps and watch God do the “extra”.