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I took the boys to the zoo to do some early trick-or-treating last Friday, and they had LOTS of fun!  We met my sister and her family and her friend Samantha and her family.  The kids had a wonderful time.  Poor Mackenzie was the only girl as usual:)  I highly recommend the zoo trick or treating to everyone for next year.  I was really impressed with the hay ride and the monster mash where all of the kids were breakin’ it down on the dance floor!  Our zoo membership has been well worth it thus far.


Happy Halloween!  Stay tuned for pictures of Buzz Lightyear and The Triceratops!  I came across this article and thought it was a great idea!  I am sure that there are several other dentist in different areas doing the same thing, or of course you can always just ship some extra candy to soldiers in Iraq yourself! 


The week of Nov. 3, the three dentists have offered to pay $1 for every pound of candy brought to their office, 5505 Edmondson Pike, with a maximum of 10 pounds.

The candy will be collected and sent to U.S. soldiers in Iraq that the office adopted a few years ago through a program with the City of Brentwood.

“They get care packages from us, e-mails, letters,” said dental assistant Rose Van Gurp. “Every couple of months we send something, especially on holidays.”

The dentists will match the dollars they give to kids and donate them to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

“I have a friend, Tiffany Atkinson, who works at Vanderbilt children’s hospital on the oncology ward, and she had told me about some of the work they do there,” said Dr. Doug Holliday Jr.

“We thought it would be an excellent charity to support.”

If the candy doesn’t tip the scale at a pound, a child will at least receive a Red Robin kids meal coupon. Each parent who drives a child to the office for a donation will receive a $50 gift certificate toward the cost of a teeth-whitening procedure.

The soldiers the office adopted are John Fortin and Jeremy Igo.

“One of my friend’s son has been stationed in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Jack Fletcher, adding they might send a package there as well.

“We all appreciate the sacrifice they’re making for us and our freedom,” said Fletcher.

Otterpohl said he thought this would give the children something to think about and a way to give back.

Also, added Fletcher, toothbrushes will be included in the care packages in case soldiers want to give out candy and toothbrushes to children in Iraq.

I love to take the kids to the jumping place in Hendersonville.  It has lots of things to play on, and the kids LOVE it.  We watched the Schell kids for a few hours last Friday, and this is what everyone chose to do for fun.  Of course Leslie and I had BOGO coupons, so it was $12 for the 4 kids to play for hours.  Well…four little kids and Josh of course!  I actually played also, it’s good excersise and the adults don’t have to pay!  Josh especially loved being the human sled, lol.  Wait, maybe that was the kids who loved it!

Walgreen’s has a new $5 off of $20 coupon good for this Friday and Saturday only!  Go here to get yours!  If you want to try the scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner, you can get a $10.00 off coupon here, you can also submit for a $10 Rebate from Walgreen’s Easy Saver Catalog (located in the front of all stores), and you can use your $5 off $20 coupon!  They are only $19.99 so it will be free!  Some people say they are not good, we like ours.  We have had one for about a month, and while I can’t say it takes the place of ever cleaning your shower again… does keep it rather clean between cleanings:)  So, if you want to make your own decision, what a better time than while it’s FREE!

Carter had a great time picking out his favorite pumpkin and he said Maddox needed a baby pumpkin, so of course Maddox got one too:)  Maddox slept through the pumpkin picking process.  When we got home, Carter was NOT into putting his hand in the pumpkinand helping get everything out of it.  However, he loved painting and helping Daddy carve it.  It looks great at night, and it was lots of fun.  Carter and I baked Josh sweet and spicy pumpkin seeds the next day.  They were very easy to make and very tasty!  Something easy to do with all those seeds:)   If you can’t see the pictures good, you can click on them and they will be bigger!

Coupon here!

Carter eating his morning banana
Maddox is getting so big so fast.  He is standing up in his crib, pulling up on EVERYTHING!  He crawls around the entire house.  He thinks he is really funny too!  He and Carter are such a joy and I am so blessed to be able to spend this time at home with them.

Last week we went downtown to take lunch to Josh since he is working in town!  Carter was THRILLED when we got there because he was working about 5 feet from a train yard.  Carter wanted to take pictures with the train, and he had lots of fun.  Josh was very excited that we came to see him.  We had a fun afternoon.

Carter and Mommy


Maddox now had 4 teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom.  I got a picture of one of them, and also a picture of the boys and the Schell kids at Chic-Fil-A two weeks ago.  The kids were really good while Leslie and me did some coupon shopping so they got to play and get ice cream:)   

If anyone needs to stock up on cold medicine, cold sore medicine, pain relief, or just fun free lip balm…Rite Aid has 30 FREE after rebate items this week!  I have never seen this many free after rebate items.  There system is easy, you purchase the products (listed in the sale paper, there are also signs in the stores) you enter your receipt information on-line, and they send you a check back in the mail.  There are lots of coupon match-ups here which means you can actually make money, or cover your tax if you want to buy a lot.  Happy shopping:)