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Most people who know me, know I am not a big crier. I didn’t cry at the Titanic or any other movie I can think of at the moment. I have went through several funerals without crying, weird, yes I know. It’s just me. I see the joy in death, especially of a saved person. Getting to meet our Lord and Savior, I am jealous. I have no fear in death. All that to say this Sunday at church, I teared up a bit.

Hearing our Pastor tell us that he was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive, very deadly cancer and that the doctors told him maybe 20 months, 5 years on the long side, it was difficult. Hearing him say he accepts God’s plan, but wants to live to see his grandchildren, it was so powerful. I loved when he said that God had already saved him from the most deadly disease that exists..his sin! How true, God already sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins! He has already saved us from the most deadly disease on earth.  Please join me in praying for Brother David. He is such an amazing man, a gifted preacher, and a husband and father. I pray wisdom for his doctors, strength for his family, and healing for him.

Everyone should watch this video!