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Recently, our church, Long Hollow Baptist, had a men’s conference entitled Man Up.  Honestly, I have no idea what was said there or what it was really about.  However, I am sharing our recent experience, thinking the outcome would have been different had my husband not attended the conference….

Since I have know my husband, he has wanted a motorcycle.  I am personally not a big fan of them.  Had he had one at the beginning of our marriage, he would probably be dead.  Although I think he would do ok now, I still worry about other people on the road. Of course the fact that were 4 motorcycle fatalities in Nashville in 3 weeks doesn’t help!  Anyway, Josh recently had the opportunity to buy one for $1,000.00  He was adamant he was buying it, and I was tired of saying no.  He had worked out a no interest payment deal, and he was doing it.  After everything we have fought for with getting out of debt, I had no desire to owe anyone money.  Therefore, I saved $600 of the extra money I am making right now and took $400 of our debt payment and gave him $1000 cash.  Looking at the amount of money made a bit more real. 

So, the next weekend Josh comes to me and says he needs me to budget money for a boat battery and few other things for the boat for his camping trip with his brother. I told him we simply didn’t have it.  I said the only extra money we had, or were going to have any time soon, was paying for a motorcycle. 

The next weekend, to my amazement, Josh said the $400 was going back to paying on our debt and the other money was going to the boat and new tires for his truck. My husband willingly sacrificed something he has wanted for years for our family. I am so proud to be his wife and proud that he is the father of my children.  I love his selflessness. Now, we have spent a lot more than anticipated on the boat, but we are happy to make the sacrifice for something our entire family can enjoy this summer!