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December 25, 2008

We woke up Christmas morning and did presents with the kids, then we headed over to mom and dad’s for Christmas there:)














OK, so this is a long trip to get ready for!  It was short, but we made the most of it, we all had lots of fun!



PaPa gave Maddox an entire waffle with butter and syrup, and he ate the entire thing!

Every year the kids get a new Christmas ornament, this year Carter picked Buzz Lightyear and he picked Maddox Baby Superman:)


OK, is the picture with Santa for our enjoyment of the kids, hmmm….


Every year since Baker’s 2nd Christmas ( I don’t think Leslie and Brandon would let us take him when he was a month old, lol), Josh and I have taken the kids to see the Christmas lights on 109.  They have tons of lights and Christmas music to listen to.  They have a Santa and Mrs. Claus and live animals and they added a Frosty the year before last.  It is lots of fun and the kids love it.  Josh and I really enjoy taking them.  If we have any more kids, we are going to take 2 trips because the van is now full with ours and the Schells:)  We enjoyed taking the Powell kids last year!  It’s a fun family tradition!109-lights 

The Schells invited us and the Lafayettes over for an ornament making party.  The kids had a great time making ornaments, but I would say their favorite part was eating cookies:)


November 29, 2008

Carter runs to Maddox’s room every morning when he hears him or sees that he’s awake on the video monitor.  He climbs in his crib and they jump up and down for a few minutes.  Then Maddox is ready for his bottle, lol.


November 28, 2008

We all had a great time putting up the Christmas tree this year.  Carter enjoyed it much more than last year.  He couldn’t wait for there to be presents under it:) 


Grandmother and Grandfather watched the boys for a few hours so Josh and I could go on a date and do a little shopping.  Grandmother began the process of stringing thr fruit loops for the tree.  I had no idea it was going to be such a LONG process when we began.  Carter mostly liked eating the fruit loops!  The looked great when we were finally finished!


Of course the boys had to get a little picture in front of the tree in their pjs:)

Carter and Maddox 2008

Carter and Maddox 2008

November 2008