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Here is everything I bought at CVS today, and I paid ummm… NOTHING!  Note there is a waffle maker in the picture, Phillips ear buds, universal remote, make up, Gatorade, toothpaste, lotion, energy drinks, shampoo, razors, etc., etc.!!!  Gotta love CVS, and deals on Thanksgiving, no LINES!!!  Everything was free after extra bucks except the waffle maker, it was 9.99, but I had coupons for a lot of my free stuff…so that covered the 9.99!   I love free stuff!

Correction:  After figuring everything up, I had a $10 off of $50 coupon, I actually made $11.98 buying all of this stuff!!!!!!!!



Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours:)  Nothing like strep throat to keep you from eating to much food!

I am getting so excited about shopping on Friday!  We have so many people to buy for, I am excited about getting some really good deals!  Happy shopping:)

Our morning started off with Josh leaving town for Birmingham, AL…..he was up early and gave Maddox a bottle and then headed out.  First thing this morning Carter had to go potty and I went in to turn on the light, Maddox started crying…like a hurt cry.  I come in my room and Maddox had been standing up holding on to the computer and fell and bit his lip pretty hard.  He was bleeding.  I picked him up and went in the bathroom to check on Carter…literally as I am walking in, Carter is falling (he slipped on his soft Pajama pants) andhit his head on the cabinet and bit his bottom lip.  Now both of my boys are bleeding and crying…aayyyeeee.  Breath…recite Philippians 4:13.. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

OK, now after the initial morning drama, the boys and me had a great morning.  Carter and I have been working on his colors for several weeks now.  Either he really isn’t getting it, or he doesn’t want me to know…take your pick.  So this morning I let him pick which color he wanted to make his pancakes.  He chose green, seems to be his color of choice, he wants to wear his green shirt everyday:) 

green-pancakes The boys both seemed to love the green pancakes.  I think Maddox actually ate more than Carter did.  Maddox started eating some “non-baby” food about 3 weeks ago.  He still hasn’t had too much just pancakes, goldfish, he did have a little cookie the other day.  He really seems to like noodles…spaghetti. 

Next, I had planned a PJ day and we were going to stay home all day, but Daddy forgot to take back our redbox movie we had rented so I had to get the boys ready and go take it back.  We took it back to WalMart and picked up some waffles and bananas for tomorrow.  Since Monday is free movie code, I let Carter get a movie.  He picked Kung Fu Panda.  When we got home, I put Maddox to bed and Carter and me had a “date”.  We made popcorn and snuggled up and watched the movie.  It was a good movie, Carter loved it.  He watched it twice today and will probably watch it once more before it has to go back tomorrow. 

Tonight Carter asked to call his “Aunt Anna”!  I thought that was great since we don’t see Josh’s family much he usually only asks to call Daddy, Grandmother, and any of Aunt Yessie (Leslie), Baker Cooper or Mack Mack:)  So, we called Aunt Anna, Carter got on the phone and said “Happy birthday Aunt Anna”…that is really funny considering her b-day is in April.  I have no idea what goes on in the mind of my sweet child:)  I guess he could have been confused because he called to tell his cousin Caleigh Happy Birthday (she really is 5 today, Happy birthday Caleigh!) a few hours earlier. 

So, all in all…I had a wonderful day with my boys!  We miss Daddy and can’t wait until he gets home!

You can go here to print your $5 off $20 coupon good for this Fri. and Sat. only!  There are lots of good Walgreen’s deals posted here for this week.  Happy DEAL shopping!

carter-and-maddox-nov-08-003_resize1I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of my guys last Sunday.  They looked so handsome!  It was a beautiful day to play outside!  Maddox will be 9 months next week, and Carter will be 2 yrs 4 months:)



YEA, I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I wanted to get the weight off before Maddox was 9 months old, and I had 8 days to spare, lol.  I am motivated to keep losing, my next goal is 10 lbs.  I must say, our new Wii Fit that a lot of our family pitched in for our b-days and got us, has helped me lose the last of my weight.  I logged 10+ hours since we got it 2 weeks ago!



My nephew Baker turned 6 on Nov. 5th, his big Lizard, snake, reptile creature party was the weekend before.  He had LOTS of friends there, and everyone had a blast.  Leslie and Brandon had a guy bring his animals to show off, and most of the kids touched everything and he talked about them.  It was lots of fun.  Mackenzie touched ALL of the animals!  She was so funny, it was like she didn’t even realize they were real or something, she was fearless.  Carter liked the animals and touched most of them.  Baker seems to be getting taller and taller and more and more intelligent.  He is very funny and has a great imagination!  I also learned he is quite the little artist too!  He can draw better than I can, of course I can’t even draw a stick man so….:)



There are lots of free things available for everyone who votes tomorrow, my favorite is…

krispy kreme free donuts

a free Krispy Kreme Doughnut!  I am pretty excited about free starbucks also!  I just found a list of lots more free things here.


Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  We had a great time, we went to Red Robin to eat dinner and it was great, then we headed out trick-or-treating.  The boys went with the Schell cousins, Ben and Bailey (Samantha and Eddie’s boys) and Emily (Samantha and Eddie’s niece).  So, with 8 kids it was hard to stay together….so we really didn’t.  Anyway, the boys had a blast.  Maddox mostly slept through everything, but Carter was LOVING it.  We went trick-or-treating on the square at 10am and Carter got down the “Trick-or-Treat” really good:)  After nap time, we headed out again.  It was a wild and fun night!  Carter has wanted to go trick-or-treating all day today:)  (Baker wasn’t around for pictures and Cooper didn’t want to take any, so just the little kids)  I didn’t get any pictures of actual trick-or-treating because I was holding my sleeping dinosaur the emtire time:)