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Hey Everyone,

If anyone is interested in becoming members at the zoo, here is a special $12 off discount code.  ROARR45689  It also can help us gain points to get things, I am not really sure what.  Anyway, the zoo website is and to purchase new memberships.  $12 off is a great discount!  This is only good for new memberships.  It is good Sunday, March 1st through May 31st.  We go often and love to have new friends to car pool with so enjoy the discount!  If you go 2 or 3 times, it pays for itself!


OK, so a few people have missed their yearly Souliere Valentine Cards (which I didn’t have time to do with everything going on lately), so here is the next best thing.  I did actually take pictures on Valentine’s Day.  The boys have been sick, and before that the weather was bad, blah blah.  I have also slacked on Maddox’s birthday invitations.  I really wanted to get a picture invite, but with him not feeling well, he wasn’t to excited about pictures.  So, I FINALLY gave up and just sent out regular invitations.  FYI, Maddox’s party is Saturday at the house at 11am.  Can you believe he is turning one already?  OK, stay tuned for LOTS of catch up posts!


We moved Maddox into his big boy bed on Feb. 15th.  He wasn’t too excited at first, but he loves it now.  The Schells got Maddox his new airplane comfortor to go with his room.  We love it, thanks Schell Family!  Thanks for the bed loan also:)


We had to add one more thing to Maddox’ s incredibly long day, his 1st haircut!  Aunt Anna gave Carter his 1st haircut, and we wanted her to do Maddox’s also.  He wasn’t incredibly cooperative, but she got it done.  Thanks Aunt Anna!


Maddox was not entirely excited about his little party because he was so tired and sick, but he was a trooper and loved his presents!


February 12, 2009

Meme’, Aunt Anna, and Aunt Millie came in town for the day to see the boys and give Maddox his birthday presents.  We spent most of the day at Chuck E. Cheese and then we came home for a little pre-birthday party.  The boys had a great time although they were both sick:(  I had no idea until the next day when I took them to the doctor that Maddox had hand, foot & mouth disease and Carter had a different strain of the same virus.   They were both pitiful the next day and then they were better:)  So, thanks for coming to see us Meme’ and Aunt Millie and Anna!!!! 


rainforestFebruary 7, 2009

Josh and I and the kids went our for an evening with the DeYoungs (Andrew, Christian and little Emma Grace) to Opry Mills.  We ate at Rainforest which is always fun for the kids.  Carter fell asleep on the way there and slept almost the entire time.  I don’t know why we try to go anywhere after 6 at night, lol.  We had an ok dinner and then Christian the little kids and me went shopping and the guys and Carter went to Bass Pro and Tool World all night.  We all had a good time, but it was a long night.

February 7, 2009

After a friend Bailey’s PJ birthday party, Josh and I took the boys to the local airport to check out the planes.  This airport is right by the house and Carter always wants to go, so we stopped by.  This one plane is on display, you can see what it is if you can read past the bird poop in the picture, lol.  Carter LOVED the trip.  After checking this plane out,  I went with Carter to look at the smaller planes.  Josh had a conniption because we went in the gate to the planes.  The gate was wide open and there were planes for sale out there, so I thought you must be able to go right?  Carter and I wanted to go look at them so we did.  Josh said if we were in the military we would by shot, lol.  He was really concerned about going to the airplanes:)  So, we looked in the windows and checked out all of the little planes, Carter and me had lots of fun.  Josh had a good time too, he was just afraid we were going to get in trouble:)


I actually have no idea what this is called, lol.  Carter has tons of fun when Josh gets equipment from Sunbelt.  He also loves to dress up as Buzz Lightyear:)  Anyway, cute pics! 


February 4, 2009

The boys love bath time and they especially love the bubble maker.  Maddox also began getting into the cabinets and he found himself some pretzels the other day.  He dumped them on the floor and started eating, lol.  Boys boys…