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Well, after two years off, I’m starting to review books again. I love a good book, but sometimes I let life get in the way of that love. So, here goes…


I REALLY wish I had started the book on page 9. Reading the first few pages really gave a lot away, and I wish I had been kept in suspense. Nonetheless, this book is very well written. Any time we hear about a tragedy that someone has gone through, I believe it’s human nature to want to know more details. It’s our natural curiosity that keeps us wanting to know more. I remember hearing on the news about the guy whose family was killed and burned and he narrowly escaped after being beaten and tied up. I can remember being curious. This book answers just about any question you could think of about those events.

I must admit, my husband has working nights this week, and it’s been hard to get to sleep after reading this book. My worst fear is never for myself but always about not being able to protect my children in a situation like this. A home invasion where the kids are tied up, there is rape, gasoline, fire, etc. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Again, if it weren’t for the first nine pages I would not have been able to put the book down. Of course, it’s better for my sleep this way.

After you get through the details of “that night and early morning”, you get to the funerals. The way this book is written, it makesĀ  you feel like you were there, You can picture the location, the setting, the people, every detail. You can imagine the friends and the family, and the community of supporters. Again, well written.

The trials, you feel like you are sitting in the courtroom with everyone. The author sets up the room for you. He lets you know where everyone is sitting. He lets you know how people are dressed and how they look. You can picture them as he details their mannerisms. I don’t want to get too detailed in the story line because I want the book to keep you on the edge of your seat as well. You grow to hate the attorneys, especially the one in the second trial. I wonder about the families of the murderers, they are not mentioned in the book.

The nonprofit established after the girls’ deaths, you want to be a part of it. I seriously plan to look it up and donate to the causes they chose. I have always been an advocate of battered women and children. It happens way too often, and groups need funding. This book builds a respect for Bill Petit, the husband, the father. He seems so strong through everything. He remains composed, I know my husband would not keep his composure. I respect his family, they take the high road. They advocate for justice in a calm and collective manner. That usually gets you further. In this case, that proves true.

Rising after the fall, well the title is The Rising, so that tells you there is one. However, to see exactly what that entails, go buy the book. You won’t regret it.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.