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I am really trying to get back into blogging.   It’s hard to find the time, but I want to remember all of the moments that just seem to slip away.  I cannot believe that Carter is going to be 4 next week!  Time truly flies.  I worked this morning and the boys stayed with “Miss Julie”.  I am blessed that they adore their baby sitter!  It makes having to work ok when I don’t have to watch them cry when I leave.  She has been watching the boys for several months now.  It is “nap time” now, although I don’t think anyone is actually napping.  I can hear Kyson laughing hysterically. so he is playing with Maddox.  Carter is supposed to be cleaning his room so he can watch a movie.  However, I am betting he will fall asleep “cleaning”.  He is terrible about cleaning his room.  Because of that, he has lost a lot of toys lately!  Well, I better get to cleaning the house while I have a few minutes.  Josh will be late coming home because he has to meet with our accountant.  😦