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3/18 lbs    Day 4/59

So far so good, I think the last 10 will be the hardest, and Josh is coming home tonight, so the weekend may be difficult also.  However, he’ll be gone again Sun. evening so we’ll make the most of our time together.  Well, and he’s working all day tomorrow, so I guess, it’s really like he’s not even home:(


I love this coupon!  Go here to print it.  Good only Fri. and Sat.!  There are lots of great free after rebate deals at Walgreen’s this month and with this coupon you can easily make money!  Great time to test the Walgreen’s waters!  Happy shopping:)

2.5 lbs/18 lbs  Day 3/59

Explanation here

No need to check your calendars, it’s not really October yet:)  We just got an early present.  EVERY year since I have graduated college, all I have wanted for my birthday is to see the Vols play!  I guess it’s a little too pricey for a birthday present though.  I really miss going to UT football games!  So, although I am not going to get to go to Knoxville, my sister (actually the whole Schell Family) got Josh and me tickets to the UT/Vandy game!  I am so excited, although what a year to go see the vols play right?  Either way, I’m pumped can’t wait for the game!  At least I know UT will not lose to Vandy…right?…I may be eating those words later!  By the way, the Schell Family is a VANDY family all the way! 

Anyway, thanks Schell Family for our awesome presents, along with my great UT picnic basket, out t-shirts, and my purse!  I can’t say Josh is equally excited about the game, but he likes his shirt and he is happy I am so excited:)  Let’s just hope he’s in town to go!

AYYYEEE…I can’t believe it, I must have deleted my picture of our presents earlier.  I’ll try and get another one soon, at least of my cute picnic basket:)

This is a little personal, but I need help!

My view is, it takes 9 months to put on the weight of having a baby, so I should have 9 months to lose it right?  Well, at least in my world.  So, Maddox will be nine months old in less than 2 months on Nov. 19th, and I still have weight to lose!  So, I am going to do a daily (possible every other day) account of if I have lost any weight.  I would love some encouragement and support.  As of Sunday, when I decided I really need to lose this last 8 lbs, I have lost 2 lbs!  Yea!  My deal with Josh is, I lose the weight I gained, plus 10 lbs after each baby.  (this is my deal not his, he couldn’t care less) So, I actually had 18 lbs I want to lose before Nov. 19th.  (16 now)  So for today we’ll say 2/19 lbs lost!

OK, I did 2 transactions at Kroger.  First, I bought these 2 Glade Plug in Gel Warmers.  They are $1.89 each and I used a BOGO (Buy one get one) coupon from last Sunday’s paper (these are also printable here).  So, I paid $2.24 OOP (out of pocket) and I recived a $2.00 catalina for each one.  A catalina prints out when you purchase certain items.  This week it prints our for these.  It’s a great deal because even without coupons, they are free!  A catalina is like extra bucks at CVS or register rewards at Walgreens. It is just like a coupon that can be used for anything in the store.  So, I made $1.76 buying these plug in warmers.  I actually bought several of these, but we’ll keep it simple here:)

Kroger purchase #1

My next purchase was a gallon of milk, grapes and bananas.  I used my $4.00 in catalinas to pay for this so I only spent $4.48 on all of this, actually a lrage portion of the grapes were already gone by the time I took this picture because Carter ate them on the way home:)



 Then I ran in CVS and bought bleach 2/$3 and used this coupon to get free Clorox wipes!  I am not really sure why I bought that box of cookies for Carter or Josh, except to say they were on clearance for .25!  So my total was $3.82 I think, which of course I had extra bucks left over so I paid $1.82 OOP.  This is a great deal for bleach and you can get any Clorox cleaning product, it doesn’t have to be the disinfecting wipes.  CVS changes their sale papers on Fridays in middle TN, so run out tomorrow if you want it.  There are lots of great deals at CVS this week including free Men’s Nivea Body wash after extra bucks, of course if you have coupons you can make money!

CVS Purchase


CVS has a great deal right now for tp, paper towels, diapers, etc.  When you spend $25 in participating Cottonelle, Viva, Kotex, Depends, Huggies, or Poise products you receive $10 back in Extra Bucks.  This is essentially like getting everything 40% off.  Then of course if you have coupons (there were Cottonelle and Viva and actually about all of these product in this Sundays paper) it is an even better deal!  You can also print coupons here.  So, here’s what I bought…

$6.49  (I) Viva 8 count paper towels

$6.49  (1) Cottonelle 12 double roll toilet paper

$2.99 (2) huggies wipes

$2.00 (2) Cottonells Flushable wipes for my potty trained son!!!

$1.00 (1) Box of Kleenex

Coupons -.75 for cottonelle, -.50 for Viva, -$1.00 for Huggies, -$1.00 for huggies, -$1.00 for Cottonelle, -$1.00 for cottonelle

$26.00 -$5.25 in coupons =$18.75 plus tax (I actually Extra Bucks from a previous transaction so I didn’t pay this much)

Then you get $10.00 back in extra bucks.   I did this deal twice, so we are stocked for a while!  The second time you do it (do 2 different transactions) you can use your $10 Extra Bucks coupon, so you only pay $15 out of pocket, less if you have coupons and you get another $10 back.

OK, Josh opened an extra bucks account a while back when he was running an errand for me and forgot my card, and I wanted to quit using his card, we just had to use all of his extra bucks first.  So, I bought this to get rid of his $10 extra bucks so I can go back to using just my card!


.99 each  2 (10 Count) Snyder pretzels

.99  1 pringles sticks

4.99 1 Nintendo DS Game (Christmas present)

.87   1 Cheeze it sticks

.99   1 Pops grab and go

.59    and 1 filler bag of M & Ms to get to my $10.00

Paid .44 cents after using $10 extra bucks coupons!


This may sound confusing but it’s really not, and well worth it!  You can always go here and go to CVS 101 or CVS for beginners and explains everything for you.  I love saving money! 


I just went in to check on my boys before I go to bed, and this is what they look like!

Well, Josh was home temporarily…

Josh's junk


This is what it looks like when he gets home, he literally drops everything in front of the door.  I have more laundry to do.  Josh came home late Thursday night, but then left early Fri. morning  (4am I think) to go to Decatur.  Then he went to work early Sat. in Murfreesboro.  Looks like he will be working a few Saturdays now too:(  So, we basically had today to spend together. We had a pretty good day.  We went to church this morning, and then went to eat at Genghis Grill.  It was pretty good, Josh loved it, all you can eat:)  We had buy one get one free coupons and drank water and Carter shared with me, so cheap lunch!  And, he left again for Kingston this evening.  Another whirlwind of a weekend!

Here are a few pictures I took on Friday…Maddox 7 months old, Carter 2 years 2 months 

OK, so the below (original) post was apparently me jumping the gun, lol.  Although if you can find gas, it’s sometimes not terribly outrageously priced (in comparison to the rest of the country) however that is a big IF.  Gas is hard to find.  This is really crazy.  I have never experienced anything like it!  The gas station by the house is limiting people to 10 gallons.  I think that’s great.  No one can get gas because when a station gets it in, everyone goes crazy and fills up every vehicle and gas can they own.  This is really interesting, although I am done talking about it.


Apparently not everyone is going through this madness like we are in TN and other locations.  So, last weekend, gas stations began running out of gas!  I have seen this before the plastic bags over the pumps, but it has never lasted like this.  Gas went from $3.47 a gallon to $4.65+ a gallon overnight!!  It was crazy, no where had gas.  Every day more and more gas stations were running out of gas and the places who had gas were raising prices higher and higher.  Josh said he saw $4.99 in Knoxville!  So, finally, a few places are getting gas today.  Gas stations are opening back up and gas is back to $3.78 and projected to go even lower, praise the Lord!