So, after reading Sun Stand Still, I had really high expectations of this book. I must be honest, it took me forever to finish because it didn’t keep my attention. It was very hard to stay with it, it didn’t leave you wanting to know what was coming next because it was so unrelated. Although the entire book was drawn back to one area, being Unqualified for what God has called us to do, each part of the book was very different. A lot of the book is about finding your “third word” as in “I am…”. For me, I just know who I am in Christ, and I do not struggle in this area of life. I suppose that’s why the book was hard to get through. THAT BEING SAID, I am sure this book is perfect for many people there. I know there are several readers including new Christians, those going through life changes, etc who would really benefit from this book. I do recommend it as a quick read for anyone. 51IqOUg0V1L._SS300_