I began this blog in 2008 to have a record of moments I did not want to forget and to share them with family.  It began with the story of Carter locking himself in the van at Walgreens.  He had the best time in there!  You can read about it here in my first ever post to the blog.  It’s funny because Carter was 24 months old, and to follow in his footsteps, Kyson (25 months) did the same thing on Sunday.  I know, you would think we would have learned the first time! 

These moments are so strange because there is a fear for your child’s safety as well as an incredible humor in the matter.  Kyson had the best time getting into everything.  He played with my makeup, drank a soda, brushed his hair, pushed the lock button on the keys…continuously, he was driving with the steering wheel, and everything else he could think of doing.  So, as funny as his actions were, I was still a bit panicked about getting him out of the car.  Josh eventually got into the van with a coat hanger, denting the door in the process.  Oh well, here are a few pics from Kyson’s 30 minutes of FUN.

Drinking a coke.

Going through my wallet.

Pushing the lock button on the keys.