So, this issue of when Carter will start kindergarten has plagued Josh and me for say 5 years now.  It has been a difficult decision.  We have went back and forth-from starting him now, waiting a year, letting him go to kindergarten then repeat it, etc.  Our final decision was made very recently.  We are going to wait to enroll Carter until next year.  On to the reasons….

1. Although I support everyone who homeschools their children, in a manner where they are socially active with children their age and they receive the education they deserve, it’s not for me personally.  That being said, Josh and I need to prepare our children spiritually to be in the public school setting.  I think we have failed at this so far.  So, we now have a plan and we hope to have Carter spiritually equipped for kindergarten next year.  Carter is a big follower, he does anything big kids say.  We hope to better prepare him to say no to peer pressure in situations that will inevitably get him into trouble.

2. I was a young starter in kindergarten.  As an October baby, my mom started me at 4.  I couldn’t drive when my friends could, couldn’t work, couldn’t date, etc.  I also went to college at 17.  I think I would have been more emotionally mature later in life (hs) if I started kindergarten at 5, who knows.  I do think as a boy, it will benefit Carter to be older.

3. We do not feel Carter is socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten.  He is having “fits/outbursts” I have no idea what to call them, behavior problems.  I think he needs some time to mature. 

So…what are we going to do?  I am going to stay home with the boys in the day.  I will keep Carter’s education up to par. We will have a schedule of library days, field trip days, etc.  I think he will be more than prepared academically for kindergarten next year!  I also hope to get some quality time in with Carter before he begins this process of school that he will be in for the rest of his life at home.

Controversy, wow!  People are VERY opinionated about this topic.  I have read some articles about “red shirting” your kids.  Yes, it has a name, it’s called red shirting.  Apparently many parents of boys are doing this to give their sons an athletic advantage. I have never even thought of this until I read the article yesterday. 

Carter’s opinion….I thought Carter may be upset about not starting kindergarten.  So, we talked him about the decision.  He was thrilled to wait until he is 6.  He is excited about being one of the oldest in class.  This made our decision easy.

So, it’s finally done!  The decision is made. No more stressing, researching, etc!  We have prayed for clarity in the right thing to do, and we have made a decision.  Nothing like waiting until the LAST minute!  Praise the Lord we only have one summer baby!