Of all the books I have written a review for, this has been the most difficult. “Secure Daughters Confident Sons” was equally as difficult to read. I typically read 2 books a month. This book took me 2 months to get through! I wanted to finish it because I am raising 3 boys, with my husband, but it is so wordy I would often have to put it down for days and would not have the desire to pick it back up. I would find myself daydreaming through the “daughters” portions, as I am not a mother of girls. Also, even during the “sons” portions, there were many times I felt the book was wordy and redundant. Keep reading….

That being said, I LOVE many of the points in this book! I am actually able to better understand and respect my husband more for the way he parents our boys. Although I am far from overprotective, I have often criticized him for things he has allowed, and encouraged, our boys to do at their young ages (1, 3, and 4). I now know how important both protection and preparation are for our sons. I have a better understanding of how to balance grace and discipline. I love how Glenn Stanton teaches me, through this book, that I am raising a child to be a man; that I am raising someone’s husband, someone’s employee, someone’s boss, a citizen, an adult. All the while, he reminds me that God has created my children with a purpose in mind and that we as parents need to be mindful and obedient to the direction he is leading us in raising our children.

This book has helped me to develop confidence and security as a parent. I will be keeping this on the shelf to reference in future years.

*This book was provided from Multnumah in exchange for my review*

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