I will begin this post with the information that I have often thought about an age that children should be saved; as in wondering when is too young and when is too old (yes, I know you are never too old to be saved, but I also wouldn’t want for my children to resist salvation after they knew and understood the details).  Additionally, I didn’t want them to pray to receive Christ just because everyone else was and they didn’t understand what they were doing.   So, although our family often talks about being saved or having Jesus live in our hearts, and we pray for the lost and explain to the kids what that means, we never ask the kids to make any decisions.  I think they are so young!

OK, on to the fun stuff. This afternoon Carter is walking down the hallway with his hands firmly pressed together at his chin, and he says “Dear Jesus, please come and live in my heart forever and ever, I want to stay there always and never go away.”  He repeated the prayer again (he gt a little distracted fumbling over a toy so I guess he wanted to start over to make sure Jesus heard everything 🙂  After I heard those precious words, I sat down with Carter and explained the importance of what he had just said and to make sure that was what he wanted.  We talked about sin and he mostly said “I know what this means mom.”   For those of you who are of a  religion different from Christianity or none at all, here is what our church, we, believe about salvation…http://www.longhollow.com/im_new/the_good_news

I am so happy for my sweet Carter.  He is growing up so fast, and I am so thankful that the Lord has given him to Josh and me to raise.  I love watching as he is being molded into this compassionate, loving, independent, confident little boy.  So, we are rejoicing with the angels for Carter’s decision to ask Jesus to live in his heart and to forgive him for his sins.