I am thinking that as we have talked to the boys about adoption that maybe we left out a few details.  They have been told that children who are adopted typically do not have parents or their parents cannot take care of them. This is a common topic in our house since we know so many people in the adoption process.  Of course, the boy’s Aunt Leslie and Uncle Brandon are adopting from Korea right now, making the topic even more talked about.  (you can follow their story here www.1lessorphan.com

As we are leaving church today, Carter runs over to the infant room and is checking out all of the babies.  Followed by Maddox, they began discussing which little boys they like.  This is followed by them saying “Mom, can we have this little baby?”.  Of course I proceeded to tell them that little boy already has a mom and dad that love him and we cannot just take him.  I don’t really think they liked that answer.  But Mom, he is waving to us and smiling at us. 

I love their sweet spirits and innocence, even if they wanted to kidnap a little brother 🙂