As I have said before, some blogs are just a public journal of things I want to remember and memories I want to share with my children.  This is one of those entries….

I want to remember the moment Leslie told me that they were going to adopt a little boy from S Korea, I was in Casa Vieja with Leslie and Pauline for a quick lunch before we picked the kids up from school.  I think I only found a few days before the “Official Thanksgiving Announcement” because Leslie received an adoption related phone call she had to take.  So, she told me they were adopting and I was thrilled. 

I want to remember the first time I saw a picture of him (also at Casa Vieja), and how I loved him instantly, just like my other nieces and nephews.  I was so excited to get my 1lessorphan t-shirt and hoodie.  I enjoyed so much advertising the cookbook in order to get recipes, and not so much editing, but the excitement of seeing them for the first time was also awesome.  Now, selling them is fun too!  check it out!

I love talking to people about adopting and about the orphans in other countries as well as our own.  I love the scriptures that I have been led to about orphans such as James 1:27, Exodus 22:22, Isaiah 1:17, Matthew 18:5, just to name a few. 

Mostly I love the comments from my children.  Carter and Maddox went with the Landskron Family (our babysitters) to the Adventure Science Museum a few weeks ago….of all of the fun and exciting things they did, Carter had this to say….”Mom guess what I saw River, mom I saw him at the place we were at.” Me-“no honey River is far far away in another country, he isn’t in America yet”.  Carter- “no mom I saw him, he has dark brown hair and you know mom he’s just different, like he looks different, it was him mom!”  I loved his enthusiasm, although I still had to explain to him that he didn’t see River at the Adventure Science Museaum, lol.

Last week after we dropped Carter off at school, we were driving home and Maddox says with a tear in his eye, “Mom, I really really really miss my new cousin River.  You know he wears the Thomas shirt and I really really want him to play trains with me.” 

I amazes me how they already love River so much.  I love watching this process and getting to read about not only River, but all of the precious orphans that are being adopted by families in our church.  God is amazing in his works, and seeing these families follow in obedience and spending their savings to give orphans a mother and a  father, and even brothers and sisters in amazing. 

What is most spectacular is that these orphans are being brought into Christian homes where they will be given the eternal gift of knowing Jesus Christ.

To my nephew…I pray for you daily, I pray for your life now, that you are happy and healthy.  I pray for your transition to America with your new family.  I pray that you pick up the language quickly. I pray that you love all of your new cousins and that you will be great friends.  I pray that you come to know Jesus at an early age.  I pray that I can always be here if you need an aunt to talk to.  I love you and I cannot wait to meet you!

As I was writing this post, I received news that 2 orphans in the orphanage our church sponsors in Haiti passed away last night.  There is a cholera outbreak there.  Please pray for the orphans there and the mommas that take care of them.