As I reflect back to this date one year ago, I am truly humbled. Carter’s fall down a flight of stairs resulting in a laceration of his kidney happened one year ago today.  I wrote a note on facebook here!/note.php?note_id=302463156342 about Carter’s injury/Vandy experience.  It is hard to believe it has already been a year since I experienced my most difficult trial to keep it together as a mom.  I am, by nature, a pretty calm and collected person in emergency situations.  Watching my sweet little boy endure needle sticks from 3 failed attempts to place an iv was heart wrenching.  Seeing how faithful God has been, how he has healed our little boy has been amazing.  So tonight as I tuck in my sweet Carter, I am just incredibly grateful to every person who was there for us, supported us, and prayed for Carter and our family.