This week I have had entirely too much time to think and worry about my children and not as much what they are/will be exposed to, but how Josh and I should handle these situations.  Also, how we should prepare them for these times in their lives.  I know we can’t prepare them for everything and that we can’t have all of the right answers, but I want to get some things right.  It seems that children are exposed to so much more at  a younger age than I was.  I know working in a junior high, the amount of students who are sexually active appalls me.  Not to mention the curse words, cigarettes, drugs, disrespect towards adults, etc. etc. 

I am thinking I need to ask our small group if we can do a parenting study.  Oh, what this has anything to with title “thankful”……I am thankful to have a sister who has children who are older that I can talk to about my fears and concerns.  I am thankful for friends who can admit their parenting mistakes (or just things they would have done differently), that they are not proud of, in order to help me not make the same mistakes.  So many people want to give you advice, but when it comes to admitting their child said a curse word, or cheated at school, or smoked a cigarette, etc. no one wants to talk about it. Maybe because our society is so judgemental or they are ashamed, but admitting to others what you messed up as a parent can really help other parents to train their children!

I pray that I am continually surrounded by friends who can admit their mistakes and who I can talk to about my mistakes so that we can learn from each other in a safe, judgement free environment.