Before you read this book, be prepared to listen to God and be ready to obediently go where you know He is leading you!  Often, as Christians we know that we are being led to go somewhere or do something, but we are scared to death so we ignore the feeling.  Also, we are too often not supported by others, we listen to those “you are crazy!” comments and they add to our fear.  Honestly though, what do we have to fear if God is on our side.  We need to fear no obeying God and not going where he is leading us!! 

One of favorite passages from the book in on page 25 where Steven Furtick writes “If the dream in your heart isn’t biblically based, focused on Jesus, affirmed by the key people in your life, and tethered to you passions, gifts and life experiences, chances are, you’re way off prompt.”  I just love this because it is something so many people need to hear!  Many people think as long as they believe their plan is good, that’s all that matters.  We all need to step back and be sure our dreams include the affirmation of the key Christians in our life, and that our dreams are focused on Jesus.  Otherwise, they are probably doomed before they begin.  I believe God puts people in our paths for a reason, and we shouldn’t ignore or neglect relationships or things we learn from past failures and current friendships. 

I also love this “extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.”  How true is this throughout the Bible and the lives of so many people I have seen God move through.  You have to step out, take that first walk of obedience, work through your fear and trust God. 

I enjoyed all of the stories throughout this book of people’s “Sun Stand Still” moments and experiences.  We should know that God is big enough to make the sun stand still and that if we believe that and we have a dream that is focused on Jesus, we need to go for it!  We need to pray our own “Sun Stand Still” prayers and be ready to watch God move as we obey and tackle our fears!  

I loved this book, and I highly recommend it!