I am loving all of these snow days and being able to stay home with my boys!!  It is so awesome to have them fighting over who gets to sit in Mommy’s lap 🙂 

Kyson took one little step the other day and is standing up a lot but still not walking.  He has the best personality.  He loves giving kisses and he loves paying with his big brother’s toys!  He is a little love bug, but he is also a big MOMMY”S BOY!  He has a little melt down every time I walk past him and don’t pick him up, which is several times a day!

I cannot believe my little Maddox is going to be 3 next month!  He is very funny, lots of personality and a huge vocabulary!  His words and understanding are a constant amazement to me.  He talks like a 5-year-old.  He knows his abcs, but doesn’t have much interest in learning the sounds they make or other things Carter knew at his age.  So far, Maddox is seeming to be my street smart, learn from experience, and Carter is my book smart, taking it all in child.  Of course they are 2 and 4 so who knows what the future holds!   

Carter is in preschool.  He loves going to school and loves playing with his cousin Mackenzie.  Mrs. Denise, their teacher, is wonderful!  Carter can write his name, read color words, and he actually recited Psalms 23 (almost the entire thing without error) to me the other day! 

Random info.-Kyson is wearing 18-24M clothes and a size 6.5 shoe.   Maddox is wearing 4t and a size 10 shoe.  Carter is wearing XS shirts and size 6 jeans although I think he will be in 7s before I know it!  He wears an 11 shoe, but they are getting small also!!

Josh and I are continually in awe that God has blessed with the privilege of raising these 3 little boys!  They are so precious and our prayer is that they give their lives to Christ at an early age, that their hands do His work, their lips speak His word, and their feet walk in the paths the Lord has for them.