I have had a few people ask me to blog again, so here goes.  I am beginning with my thoughts on a children’s book I recently read.  It is titled “The Dragon and the Turtle”.  It is by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark, illustrated by Vincent Nguyen.  I personally enjoyed this reading this book to my boys because I was immediately thinking about the selfless nature of the turtle and the perseverance involved in the story.  I also love teachable moments such as learning new words like exasperated and gurgled.  After we read the story I then turned the page and fell in love with this book!  I love that it talks about Bible verses and relates them to the story.  It gives you things to talk about with your children to teach them values and friendship skills.  It is great!.  THEN, you turn the page and there is a recipe for Chocolate Chip Snappers (a food that is discussed in the book)  The process of reading this book, relating it to scripture, then cooking a snack, is an afternoon activity!  I absolutely love the creativity of this story and all that is involved in the book.  I give it 2 thumbs up!