February 7, 2009

After a friend Bailey’s PJ birthday party, Josh and I took the boys to the local airport to check out the planes.  This airport is right by the house and Carter always wants to go, so we stopped by.  This one plane is on display, you can see what it is if you can read past the bird poop in the picture, lol.  Carter LOVED the trip.  After checking this plane out,  I went with Carter to look at the smaller planes.  Josh had a conniption because we went in the gate to the planes.  The gate was wide open and there were planes for sale out there, so I thought you must be able to go right?  Carter and I wanted to go look at them so we did.  Josh said if we were in the military we would by shot, lol.  He was really concerned about going to the airplanes:)  So, we looked in the windows and checked out all of the little planes, Carter and me had lots of fun.  Josh had a good time too, he was just afraid we were going to get in trouble:)