Hey Everyone!  Just wanted to write a quick update.  Things here are going good.  The boys are growing and growing!  I got a job at Liberty Tax for the next few months to help make ends meet right now.  I am enjoying is so far.  I have really learned a lot. 

Maddox is starting to stand alone without holding on to anything.  I think he’ll be walking here in the next month or two. 

Carter is doing well.  Both of the boys have had the sniffles and little coughs for a few days now, but they are fine.  They just have their whiny spells  when they are not feeling 100%.

On a random side note, I have been getting everything ready to do our taxes, and while I was going through our accounts getting our medical info., I decided to calculate how much we spent on gas last year.  Keep in mind I only worked about 1/4 of the year or so.  We spent, not counting the rare cash transaction, $9,235.40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe that?   I would love to have half of that money back right now!!!  Crazy, praise the Lord that gas prices have dropped and Josh is finally mostly driving a company truck after he gets to work.

Hope things are going well for you!