This is a free way to help out your local schools, and it doesn’t cost you a thing!  Box Tops for Education is a great program!  Chances are you have several of these in your home right now, you probably throw them away all of the time!  They look like a little coupon (white with pink writing), they say box tops for education .10 and they are on all of the products listed below. 

Several of you have kids you can send these to school with, but for those of you who don’t… MAIL THEM TO ME:)  I am collecting as many as possible for my nephew Baker and his school! 

It starts out as a pain to cut all of these out, they are really on so many things in your home, I collected 100 (that’s like donating $10 to the school) in about 2 months or so.  After you get used to cutting them out, it gets addictive!  We keep a ziplock in the kitchen and put all of our clipped box tops right in the bag.   So, start clipping and pass them on to me for my nehpew:)  Thanks!!! 

P.S., we are still working on the computer situation, we hope to have it back up before too long, then we’ll have pictures again!

OK, I had the list of products here and it was stupidly long, it took up over an entire blog page!  So here is the list.  Some of the highlights are Cottonelle, Huggies, Viva, Betty Crocker, Juicy Juice, El Paso, GM Cereals, Pillsbury, Kleenex…. and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on……….

If you don’t need yours, you can keep them in an envelope and mail it to me when it gets full, or every month or two:)  Thanks again!