Does anyone have any New Year’s Resolutions?  I am still working on mine.  I usually don’t do resolutions, but this year I am working on a few.  I’ll post them in a few days after I complete them.  I hope all is going well in your lives. 

Things here are good.  Josh is working in town this week (so far), which is always a positive.  The boys are being great.  Maddox is pushing things around walking, no real walking yet for a few one steps.  (which is fine with me)  He has 8 teeth, he LOVES to eat.  Maddox is such a joy in my life.  He is almost always smiling or laughing, he gives me the sweetest hugs.  

Carter has been behaving very well lately.  He is so funny.  We came in on New Year’s Eve from Chucky Cheese (we went with my parents and and the Schell kids) and when we walked in the door, Carter said “mom, that was awesome!”.  He always tells me when Maddox is hungry and when he’s awake or tired, or whiny or stinky:)  He is becoming a very good brother and they are starting to play very well together.  Carter continues to amaze me with his counting, colors, and just all of the funny things that come out of his mouth.  He told Josh and me last night that he wanted to go to the store, when Josh asked him why he said “I want to buy something”, Josh said what do you want to buy, and Carter says, “I want to buy a Cooper first, and a Baker”  LOL, he loves playing with his big cousins.  I think he’s over Mackenzie.  She’ll have to start playing with Maddox:)   So, that’s about it with us right now.