I wish everyone a happy and fruitful 2009. 

I look at everything that is going “wrong” right now and I am temporarily depressed.  We need a new computer, so many things that require more money, basically I just need to get a job (which I am working on). 

However, then I step back and look at our lives.  Josh and I are blessed to be Christians, children of God, part of a wonderful church family, we have a wonderful marriage-we are truly happy with each other.  We have 2 precious children.  Carter has a great personality, he is really starting to become a little boy.  This was his prayer tonight “Dear Jesus, thank you for Grandmother, Grandfather, Lady (mom and dad’s dog:)) , Mommy, Daddy, my Maddox, Cooper, Baker, Mackenzie, Diego, Food, Dinosaurs, Cooper, Baker (again) Aunt Yessie (Leslie) Uncle Brandon, toys, and rrrr rrrr rrr animals” lol.  How can you be down about anything after listening to that!  What a blessing he is, and my sweet Maddox.  He is just the most perfect little boy.  He sleeps from 6pm to 7 am practically every day.  He LOVES to eat.  He is practically always smiling or laughing.  He has such love for his brother and family.  I just love every minute of the day with him.  He also takes 2 naps during the day so he practically always eating or sleeping:)  I am so grateful that the Lord has entrusted Josh and me to raise these wonderful boys.  They are such a blessing in my life. 

Then I have the rest of my family.  I have a lot of support in my life.  This morning I went to my mom’s because Mackenzie called and wanted to see her Carter:)  I played I spy with my nephew Baker, spent some time with Cooper who snuggled up in my lap (something he never does:)) and I also played with my sweet niece Mackenzie who can always brighten your day with her sweet smile! 

This is a lot of babbling, just what is going on in my life right now.   I like to have things documented that are going on. 

Oh and Maddox took his first little step a few weeks ago.  Mom bought him some walking shoes and as soon as she stood him up he stood there and then took a step.  Not walking though, hopefully he’ll wait a few more months for that:)