I hate computers!  OK, right after I had Carter, our computer CRASHED!  Those of you who know me well are aware I hate to spend money.  So, Josh went out to get us a new computer.  The entire process of picking one out and spending the money after we just had a new baby just stressed me out.  So, he comes home with this e-machines computer.  My initial reaction was “what is that, take it back”.  However he said I needed to trust him to make decisions and stick with it.  So, the other day, our computer CRASHES.  No repairing it, we need a new computer again:(  This is so depressing to me and such a bad time of year.  Luckily a friend’s husband is backing up all of data for me!  Which means all of my pictures and everything are safe, HUGE praise)  However, I am still bummed!  So, blogging will be less frequent and probably no pictures for a few weeks or so until we figure out how to afford a new computer.  I do hope everyone is having a Blessed Christmas season!   ~Rachel