Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  We had a great time, we went to Red Robin to eat dinner and it was great, then we headed out trick-or-treating.  The boys went with the Schell cousins, Ben and Bailey (Samantha and Eddie’s boys) and Emily (Samantha and Eddie’s niece).  So, with 8 kids it was hard to stay together….so we really didn’t.  Anyway, the boys had a blast.  Maddox mostly slept through everything, but Carter was LOVING it.  We went trick-or-treating on the square at 10am and Carter got down the “Trick-or-Treat” really good:)  After nap time, we headed out again.  It was a wild and fun night!  Carter has wanted to go trick-or-treating all day today:)  (Baker wasn’t around for pictures and Cooper didn’t want to take any, so just the little kids)  I didn’t get any pictures of actual trick-or-treating because I was holding my sleeping dinosaur the emtire time:)