Crawling! and has 3 teeth!  OK, the day after my post about sitting up, Maddox starting crawling-getting a little better at it each day.  He sits up from crawling and today I saw him standing up in his crib on the video monitor!  He also has 3 teeth now, 2 on top and one on the bottom:)  They all started coming in last week, a now there here.  The picture of Carter in the crib with Maddox is what he does every morning, as soon as Maddox makes a noise, he says “hear Maddox Mommy?”  and I say “yes Carter I hear Maddox”…he then says “Carter go get Maddox Mommy?” and I say “yes” and he runs in there and climbs in the crib with him.  Maddox loves it, he laughs every morning, for about 1 minute and then he’s ready to eat, lol.  I will try and keep blogging regularly it’s been a crazy week!