This is a little personal, but I need help!

My view is, it takes 9 months to put on the weight of having a baby, so I should have 9 months to lose it right?  Well, at least in my world.  So, Maddox will be nine months old in less than 2 months on Nov. 19th, and I still have weight to lose!  So, I am going to do a daily (possible every other day) account of if I have lost any weight.  I would love some encouragement and support.  As of Sunday, when I decided I really need to lose this last 8 lbs, I have lost 2 lbs!  Yea!  My deal with Josh is, I lose the weight I gained, plus 10 lbs after each baby.  (this is my deal not his, he couldn’t care less) So, I actually had 18 lbs I want to lose before Nov. 19th.  (16 now)  So for today we’ll say 2/19 lbs lost!