No need to check your calendars, it’s not really October yet:)  We just got an early present.  EVERY year since I have graduated college, all I have wanted for my birthday is to see the Vols play!  I guess it’s a little too pricey for a birthday present though.  I really miss going to UT football games!  So, although I am not going to get to go to Knoxville, my sister (actually the whole Schell Family) got Josh and me tickets to the UT/Vandy game!  I am so excited, although what a year to go see the vols play right?  Either way, I’m pumped can’t wait for the game!  At least I know UT will not lose to Vandy…right?…I may be eating those words later!  By the way, the Schell Family is a VANDY family all the way! 

Anyway, thanks Schell Family for our awesome presents, along with my great UT picnic basket, out t-shirts, and my purse!  I can’t say Josh is equally excited about the game, but he likes his shirt and he is happy I am so excited:)  Let’s just hope he’s in town to go!

AYYYEEE…I can’t believe it, I must have deleted my picture of our presents earlier.  I’ll try and get another one soon, at least of my cute picnic basket:)