Well, Josh was home temporarily…

Josh's junk


This is what it looks like when he gets home, he literally drops everything in front of the door.  I have more laundry to do.  Josh came home late Thursday night, but then left early Fri. morning  (4am I think) to go to Decatur.  Then he went to work early Sat. in Murfreesboro.  Looks like he will be working a few Saturdays now too:(  So, we basically had today to spend together. We had a pretty good day.  We went to church this morning, and then went to eat at Genghis Grill.  It was pretty good, Josh loved it, all you can eat:)  We had buy one get one free coupons and drank water and Carter shared with me, so cheap lunch!  And, he left again for Kingston this evening.  Another whirlwind of a weekend!

Here are a few pictures I took on Friday…Maddox 7 months old, Carter 2 years 2 months