OK, so the below (original) post was apparently me jumping the gun, lol.  Although if you can find gas, it’s sometimes not terribly outrageously priced (in comparison to the rest of the country) however that is a big IF.  Gas is hard to find.  This is really crazy.  I have never experienced anything like it!  The gas station by the house is limiting people to 10 gallons.  I think that’s great.  No one can get gas because when a station gets it in, everyone goes crazy and fills up every vehicle and gas can they own.  This is really interesting, although I am done talking about it.


Apparently not everyone is going through this madness like we are in TN and other locations.  So, last weekend, gas stations began running out of gas!  I have seen this before the plastic bags over the pumps, but it has never lasted like this.  Gas went from $3.47 a gallon to $4.65+ a gallon overnight!!  It was crazy, no where had gas.  Every day more and more gas stations were running out of gas and the places who had gas were raising prices higher and higher.  Josh said he saw $4.99 in Knoxville!  So, finally, a few places are getting gas today.  Gas stations are opening back up and gas is back to $3.78 and projected to go even lower, praise the Lord!