Yesterday we went to a big consignment sale and Josh saw this contraption that he HAD to have:)  I of course, being the cheap person I am, said NO way!  It was $60.00!  He explained what a great deal this is and he would use it all of the time, and the boys would LOVE it.  So, we made a deal, I told him that today was 1/2 price day.  It would be $30.00, but the catch was he would have to be there at 7am ish (they open at 8 ) to make sure he was in line and got it first, sometimes these 1/2 price day sales get a little CRAZY!  We were the only ones there that early, lol.  The kids had a great time playing on the playground though until the doors opened and Josh got his awesome ride behind thing:)  Carter loved it, Maddox was about asleep after their little ride.  We’ll see how often it actually gets used:)