A few minutes ago, my doorbell rang, I was initially frustrated because the boys are asleep, and I am in my PJs.  However, I threw on a pullover over my tank top and went to the door with a smile.  It was these 2 adorable boys that apparently live up the street.  (I have never seen them before and we live on a dead end street) There were 7 and 9ish.  The oldest boy says, “Hi, my name is (I have no idea what he said, he gave his first and last name) would you like to buy some popcorn to support my boy scout troop?”  How do you say no to that?

We have lived here for over 4 years and no child (we get college student selling stupid magazines and adults selling junk all of the time) has ever came over to sell anything.  I know where I worked at the junior high, the fundraising people would tell the kids “Do NOT go door to door!)  It was a big deal that were not to sell door to door.  Anyway, I loved it, the boys were cute, their dad was with them.  He was getting on to them for trying to look in the house, asking me silly questions, etc. LOL!  They were soo Carter and Maddox in a few years, all BOYS!

So, I like meeting people in my neighborhood, I think the kids had a good idea, they live five doors down, and when I was writing my name on the list, everyone between their house and ours bought something!  Granted most of us bought the cheapest thing, but still they were doing good!

I remember the main way we sold things for fundraisers when we were kids was going door to door.  It was fun.  It’s a shame our kids cannot even go to their neighbor’s anymore to sell things to support the school, sports, etc.!  Things have really changed.