Carter, Maddox and I are on our way home from running a few errands (getting some good deals at Target) and we see this old lady riding this old bicycle with a basket on the front she had straggly hair too.  Anyway, Carter says “Whoa momma, look it’s E.T.!”  I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, E.T.!  The funny thing is he’s never really seen E.T., I was transferring some old VHS movies onto DVD and E.T. was one of them, I had no idea it had all of the cursing in it, so Carter watched a few minutes of it, and by the time I got it turned off it said 2 or 3 words already.  He looks at the cover a lot though and it has the boy and E.T. on the bicycle on front.  Anyway, as we are driving by this lady, Carter is waving saying “Hi E.T., Hi E.T.”  certainly a funny moment!


For those of you who think we are crazy for not letting our child watch E.T., yes we know we cannot shield him from everything bad for his entire life.  However, we can and will right now.   We feel there is too much we cannot control, so we need to control what we can.  We did buy him a clearplay ( ) which allows us to play any movies in the dvd player and it skips any bad parts of the movies (language, nudity, certain violence, etc.) it is very neat and does it naturally too, you hardly notice when you are watching movies.  Now, I just have to go and buy E.T. instead of having a copied version, it doesn’t work with those:(