Carter and I just sat down for lunch and after we prayed, he looked over where Josh usually sits, rubbed the table and said “Daddy’s seat momma”. 

For those of you who don’t know, Josh has been travelling a LOT lately.  He left for Decatur, AL on Tuesday and was supposed to be home that night.  They worked 18 hours, and didn’t finish.  Over half of the guys left that night to go to a funeral of a coworker who was killed in an accident last weekend, a few others just left (I think they got fired).  So, he was really short handed then another guy got sick..etc., etc.  He has been there for 3 days now, Sunbelt gave him a little money to go buy clothes and a few toiletries.  As I said, he wasn’t planning on staying so he did not pack ANYTHING.  He’s really struggling right now trying to finish this job, so please say a little prayer for him:) 

Back to Carter, he is really missing his Daddy, and we really hope he gets home safely tonight!


UPDATE:  It’s now after 8pm and Josh is still working!  He sounded terrible when I talked to him an hour or so ago.  He was out of breath, he was just miserable.  He said they are coming home tonight no matter what, please pray for strength, morale, and safety for these guys.  Working in a boiler is VERY hot and tiring.  These poor guys are just beat.