Earlier in the week, I talked about a Walgreen’s trip I was going to take.  It ended up being a LOT bigger than I anticipated.  I spent more money than usual, but we needed a few extra things.  Also, I had my nephew Baker who said after I told him the 3 things I had bought him were enough “Aunt Rachel, I think it’s fair that I get one thing for each year old I am.”  LOL, he is so funny, he had me in tears laughing on the drive to take him to my mom’s the other day.  He is a very funny child!

Walgreen's Shopping Trip


OK, here goes,

2bottles of Smuckers Jelly 1.66 w/ Walgreen’s in ad coupon plus additional .35 manufacture’s coupon = $2.66

2 Boxes of Pop Tarts (12 count) on clearance for $2.00 plus $1.00/2 coupon = $3.00

1Box of YoGos snacks $1.99 with .50 off coupon =1.49

1 jar of apple sauce sale =2.19

1 apple juice sale =$2.25

2 bokes of chicken pizza sticks sale $1.79 each =$3.58

1 Large bottle of Nivea Men’s body wash $4.99 had $1.00 coupon =Free + $1 overage after coupon and Walgreen’s rebate

6 bottles of Garnier shampoo and conditioner (3 of each) $3.99 each $1 off each Walgreen’s coupon (-$6) $! off each coupons from Sun papers (-$6) plus Walgreen’s $10.00 rebate =$0.33 per bottle!!!

1 Loreal Revitalift Antiwrinkle Cream $14.99 plus $3.00 off coupon =FREE + $3 overage after Walgreen’s rebate and coupon!

1 Crest toothpaste $3.79 w $1.00 off coupon =FREE + $1 overage after rebate and coupon!

1  random goldfish =$2.00 

1 pack of diapers for my Maddox 9.49 had a $1.50 off coupon plus $2.00 register rewards (this prints at the end of your receipt for free money use on your next purchase) =5.99 after rewards and coupon

1 Chemistry Shampoo $7.99 plus $3.00 off coupon =FREE plus $3.00 overage after rebate and coupon!

1 Revlon nail color $4.79 had $1.00 off coupon =FREE +$1.00 overage after rebate and coupon:)

Also, note the coloring/activity books, these were .99 but they have over $20.00 worth of coupons inside them!!!! 

OK, so all in all after coupons and rebates I spent about $18.00 plus tax for everything you see above.  That is about the actual cost of just the Revitalift cream ($17.99 when not on sale)!!!  I love coupon shopping:)