So, I am probably speaking WAY too soon or something, but so far so good.  Carter has been introduced to the potty before and he even went a few times at my mom’s in the little potty, but on Thursday I thought we need to really try potty training.  I wanted him to learn in the regular potty because I have heard from my sister and other moms that it is easier than retraining them to go in the big potty after they go in the little potty. 

Anyway, Thursday as soon as Carter woke up, I put on his big boy underwear.  He only had two accidents all day.  I thought that was good.  Friday he had his first poop in the potty!  Actually 3 of them, lol.  It amazed me though that (he was at my mom’s) he wasn’t even told to go or asked if he had to go, he just went in there and went.  It’s just like he knows what he is doing.  So, Friday, one accident at nap time…Sat. one accident outside…Today, no accidents!  I was nervous because we went to church this morning and I thought about just putting a pull up on him while he was there, but I didn’t want to confuse him.  So, we dropped him off at 8am, picked him up after worship and small group at 11am, same clothes!  I was soooo excited. 

He has just done wonderful.  We used M & Ms for rewards (and marshmellows at my mom’s because she was out of M & Ms) but it’s only been 3 days and he doesn’t even ask for a reward anymore!  So, way to go Carter!  Oh yeah, we are using pull ups at night time, but he doing good he is either not wet or barely wet in the morning. 

For those of you that this is too much information, you should have stopped after reading the title:)  This is very exciting for me, one in diapers at a time is enough!