For me…Yes and absolutely!

I often tell my friends about great deals I get on products and free stuff I get all of the time!  My sister introduced me to coupon shopping and deals in April, and I have been saving TONS of money since then.  For me, it takes little time and effort for the benefit my family receives.  I plan to start posting my deals here so, I’ll begin with today’s purchase.  Please feel free to post your great deals also.  One of my favorite sites is I have been told by a few friends that is overwhelming though.  So, we’ll begin here:

I ran into Target early and purchased this… (for the record we usually eat healthy for breakfast, these pop tarts will last us a while!, well depending on when Josh finds them, lol) 

 2 packs Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (Nemo and Cars for Carter)  $1.75 each

6 boxes of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 5 @ $1.67 and 1 @ $1.75 -not sure why one box was more something special I guess

2 boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats $2.50 each

Total with tax:   $20.04

(5)  -.50 Target Pop tarts Coupon found at (should have used 6 of these but I only printed 5)

Total after Target Coupons $17.54

(5) -$1.00 Kellogg’s Coupons these coupons are for $1.00 off of 2 Kellogg’s breakfast products found in the Sunday paper

Total after manufacturer’s coupons $12.54 My actual total was $12.35 I guess adjusted tax after coupons

So, I paid $12.35 and then I just mailed a $10.00 Mail in rebate for the purchase of 10 Kellogg’s products (found in the Sunday paper)

Making my Total oop (out of pocket) $2.35!!!!  Not bad for $20.04 worth of breakfast foods and snacks!


So, many of you want to know, where do you begin

-start with clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper, I clip ALL coupons because even if you don’t need the product, there are often things that are money makers (this means you make money buying them!).  If you are making money buying something donate your free items you don’t use every few months to a soldier in Iraq or local shelter, church, you can find something to do with free products!  I love making gift baskets with mine!  Stay tuned for more information and please post and comments/questions you have.  I would love to answer questions, and post your latest deals too! 

FYI:   You can “stack” coupons anywhere if you have a store coupon (ie Target Coupon) you can use that and a manufacturer’s coupon (like from the Sun. paper) on one product!