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My beautiful niece and Maddox are currently on the front page of the site:)


So, my sweet Maddox is 6 months old today, can you believe it?  Time truly does fly by.  He went to the Dr. this morning and he is perfectly healthy.  He is 26″ tall, weighs 18lbs and 10ozs!, and head circumference is 17.  It’s so funny to me that everyone always thought Carter was HUGE, however Carter at 6 months was 25 3/4″ tall,  16lbs 12ozs, and head circumference 17.  I think Carter is just always going to seem big next to tiny cousin Cooper (who is 4 and Carter is almost as tall as he is)  and petite cousin Mack Mack (5 weeks younger)  Anyway, Maddox started cereal 2 weeks ago, he LOVES it!  He is still nursing, going well also, hoping to make it 9 months.  He is so happy, hardly ever fussy.  He loves his big brother!  He tries really hard to crawl, but not doing it yet.  No sitting up or teeth yet either. he’s just being my angel baby.  We plan to start green beans tomorrow!  That’s pretty much everything about Maddox for now!


Carter at 6 months old