Family Size Chicken Burrito

Family Size Chicken Burrito

So, I am thinking maybe I will TRY and post more about our meals.  This is already encouraged me to do a better job dusting off my 800 cookbooks and making different things for meals at home.  Josh is already loving it!  So, dinner last night was a family size chicken burrito and chips and salsa.


4 tortillias placed on a cooking sheeet slightly overlapping

spread on a can refried beans

add chicken (I used canned chicken on sale at Publix BOGO this week)

add chopped onion

add cheese

Fold over ends of tortillas to meet at the top and add tomato slices and a little more cheese

Bake at 425 for 15-20 min

We had lettuce, sour cream, salsa, and extra onions for toppings

Total meal price approx. $5.00 (less than $1.75 each isn’t too bad I don’t think)


Waffles with bananas

Waffles with sliced bananas

Nothing spectacular, but Carter loved it.  Also, I found that with slicing bananas we used a LOT less syrup.  We all love syrup, but using less is heathier!  Speaking of syrup, we have a HUGE container shipped to us from Josh’s Aunt Brenda and Uncle Greg in upstate NY, it is pure maple syrup and it’s awesome!   We tried Publix’s waffles and they were good, cheaper than other brands!