OK, calling a few prayer warriors. 

So, it’s 9:15 pm, and I am about to start baking cakes.  I am making a wedding cake for tomorrow and a groom’s cake!  Now, you are asking yourselves…Does Rachel make cakes?  Answer, No, not really, about 2 to be exact, Carter’s 1st and 2nd birthday cakes. 

Now, this morning my computer had a crazy virus on it, still does actually.  Any computer gurus, feel free to come by and help.  Seriously, we need help:)

On top of this, I get an e-mail this afternoon to come in for an interview tomorrow at 1pm!!!   Crazy!  Now I am making 2 cakes, watching 2 kids, and getting mentally and physically ready for job interview that I really need! 

Wow, so wish me luck.  Oh yeah and I have to finish the wedding music cd for tomorrow also, lol.

On a good note, my sweet Carter was wonderful today.  He was so polite and obedient.  He said “yes ma’am” and did almost everything I asked all day.  We had a great time with the Schell kids (and Les:)) at the jumping place today and then at McDonald’s. 

That’s it for now.