You have a 5 month old and a 24 month old, you are going to change diapers while your wife runs into Walgreens.  Up first, 24 month old, upon finishing the diaper change you preceed to set him in the drivers seat of the running van.  You change the 5 month old, upon finishing, you shut the sliding van door…CLICK.  That was the sound of your 2 year old LOCKING the van doors!  He is inside the van ALONE having the time of his life.  He is driving the steering wheel, washing the windshild, beep beep beeping the horn over and over.  People begin to gather around, staring at you.  The child is having the time of his life playing alone in the van.  He pulls the visor down, coupons, what fun.  He is throwing them in the air and laughing histerically.  Enter the police men, who were randomly driving by.  The are trying to coax the child into unlocking the doors, as if you haven’t been trying that for the past 5 minutes, but hey try again.  Child waving, “Hi, hi, hi!” to everyone around, especially the police officer.  Enter more police officers and about 10 more spectators including Walgreens employees.  Child still having the time of his life playing with every button in the van, well everyone except the unlock button that is.  Enter the fire department, coming up the road with LIGHTS AND A SIREN!  They eventually unlock the doors and rescue the terrified child, lol, ok not at all terrified just upset his fun had ended.  This is not a random funny story, but a day in our lives of rasing Carter!  So, join us on our blog and read about our journey as we raise our strong willed child.  Learn, grow, laugh, and cry with us and our experiences.  P.S., I’ll add the picture as soon as I figure our how to get it off of my camera phone and onto the computer.  It will not be good quality, but hopefully you can see Carter in it!